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We believe that the day trading community did not enjoy the up-burst in the reputation of adjacent industries. The goals of WSDT are to make day trading more accessible to the public, improve the reputation of the day trading industry, and support up and coming, talented trader.

WSDT Sponsors


Established in 2004 by Meir Barak, Tradenet has successfully taught more than 30,000 people worldwide to intelligently trade the US markets. Tradenet offers comprehensive online day trading training courses on US stocks, as well as the world’s largest online Trading Room where hundreds of US stock traders from all around the world meet and trade daily under the live guidance of top industry professionals

Stock Lock Trading

Owned and managed by Stelios Stylianou. Over the years he has perfected trading strategies that he still uses in his trades. They are all simple, and Stelios’ mission is to teach novice traders how to use them for profitable trading.

Transparent Traders

TT exists to solve the critical issues facing traders, both large and small. Their unique approach is not only what differentiates them, but also what makes them successful. TT provides a broad range of services and solutions to help traders facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance.

Beginner Trading

Beginner Trading helps new traders to learn what it is really like to be a day trader. They breakdown their strategies, utilizing certain systems, as they believe that without a system any trader is almost guaranteed to fail eventually. The company offers free classes, videos, and live streams.

Instituto y Consultoría Bursátil

Formación en bolsa y trading enfocada a la parte práctica y con el propósito de que te inicies tu carrera en el oficio del trading. Tutorización por parte de profesionales.El objetivo final de I&CB es convertir a sus alumnos en profesionales del Trading, y si lo desean, que puedan incorporarse a nuestro proyecto.