01. WSDT Fall Games 2022 rules

Every trader who qualifies for the competition receives access to a demo trading account with a trading balance of $240,000. During the competition period of seven trading days, competitors will compete to achieve the highest balance.


The Trading Competitors will be eliminated if they are:

  • Trading on fewer than four active trading days out of the seven.
  • Every participate will start with 240K account and will be eliminated only if he’ll get
    to a balance of 230K.
  • Trading using patterns or behaviors that are deemed illegal, illegitimate, biased against other competitors, or otherwise violate the fair-play spirit of the competition.

02. WSDT fall Games 2022 NEW scoring system

  • Each competitor trades on his own demo account for the seven trading days
  • The final standings are based on the account value at the end of the competition.
  • The first 100 competitors are ranked by their account value and win their prizes accordingly
  • To the new scoring system video please Click here

03. Things you need to know

Eligibility: Legal residents of the following countries, 18 and over.

Kickoff: October 18,2022

Duration: Seven trading days. Tuesday (18/10) to Tuesday (25/10). On the final day, the winners will be announced.

  • The World Series of Day Trading is larger than any trading competition in history.
  • Owing to the nature of the competition, the supporting advisers from our sponsors will not provide platform guidance or support during the WSDT period.
  • It is strongly advised to prepare, train, and familiarize oneself with the trading platform in the run-up of the WSDT.
  • WSDT is unable to provide technical guidance (excluding issues of technical glitches) to competitors during the Competition.
  • In case of technical inquiries competitors will be reverted to the relevant introduction material.
  • Competitors cannot restart the competition for any reason following the official launch.
  • Any updates or changes will be announced on one or more of the following outlets: WSDT website, Instagram, and/or Facebook group.
  • Follow the competition’s registration guide below to secure a position on the starting grid.

04. Registration

  • Enrollment to the competition is limited, and the number of seats is limited. Make sure you register as soon as possible.
  • No late applications will be accepted, unless special circumstances arise.
  • During and after the registration process, the verification stage will begin. During that time, WSDT will attempt to contact all registered contenders.
  • All registrations will have to go through phone verification.
  • Make yourself available to answer our calls so we can verify your identity to enroll in the competition.
  • After we successfully verify your registration details over the phone, you will receive a formal WSDT enrollment confirmation email.

The following details will be required:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Valid phone number
  • Full address
  • Proof of identity (if required)
  • The minimum age for participation is 18
Each competitor can only apply once for the competition.

The confirmation email will contain:

  • A link to the demo platform to download
  • Demo account login access (The buying power in the demo account will be set to 0 until the beginning of the competition)
  • A unique competitor ID
  • Tips and tricks for the competition

05. Additional Terms and Conditions

Rankings will be computed according to the account balance on the demo account at the end of each trading day.

The competition’s starting and finishing times are identical for all participants. The registered competitor on WSDT records is the only one authorized to participate in the trading competition under the relevant demo trading account. The right to participate in the competition is non-transferable.

Using certain trading patterns that are deemed illegal and/or illegitimate by regulators will result in the disqualification of the participant during or after the competition (In such a case, the participant will receive a prior warning and will be asked to stop using the specific pattern; failure to comply with the request will result in disqualification).

Winners will be required to complete a short survey and provide a short video testimonial as per WSDT requirements to receive the prize.

The participant irrevocably permits WSDT to publish their names, place of residence, video and trading results, as well as live stats of their performance in the competition, without any remuneration, credit or any rights whatsoever to the participant.

06. List of allowed countries

Not all countries are allowed to the WSDT competition.
Look through the list of eligible countries.



The registration deadline is April 14

The registration deadline is April 14

Not all countries are allowed to the WSDT competition. Look through the list of eligible countries.