WSDT Winter Games 2020

Winner: Abraham H

Won $240,000 in funded account value

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Biggest day trading competition in history

Ali Biggz

Abiggz Hd

Brad Smith


Cody Seay

Dynamic Day Traders

James Mason

Transparent Traders

Jerremy Newsome

Real Life Trading

John London

Beginner Trading

Stelios Stylianou


Edwin Londoño


Pablo Martinez Garcia


Kevin Timmer

Day Trading Nederland

Diogo Valente

Empire Trades

Winter Games - 2020 - MVP

# Name Team Profit Prizes
1 Abraham H Stelios - Stocklock $269,437 $240,000
funded account
2 Danel H John - Beginner Trading $259,772 $240,000
funded account
3 Marco D Stelios - Stocklock $259,566 $240,000
funded account
4 Denes S Stelios - Stocklock $258,522 $160,000
funded account
5 Sajad K Ali - ABiggzHD $257,801 $160,000
funded account
6 Steven V Jerremy - Real Life Trading $255,879 $160,000
funded account
7 Lukasz K James - Transparent Traders $255,595 $80,000
funded account
8 Gary K John - Beginner Trading $255,380 $80,000
funded account
9 Jhonnatan H Pablo - I&CB $254,506 $80,000
funded account
10 Jimmy P John - Beginner Trading $254,328 $80,000
funded account

Success stories


WSDT Summer Games - 2019 offered total prizes of an aggregate of over $3,000,000 in funded account value

More than 50 competitors from many parts of the world won access to funded accounts in WSDT Summer Games - 2019

Prize list is still in the works, but it will be out of this world

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Team Leaders

Team Leader

John London

Team Leader

Pablo Martinez Garcia

Team Leader

James Mason

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