General Information

My home is Baltimore, MD

I speak English

My brand is WeTradeHQ and my YouTube Channel is Own The Chaos

How I Trade

I am mainly a swing trader but I also enjoy day trading

I use Think or Swim as well as Trading View charts to do technical analysis

I trade OTC/penny stocks as well as some big board stocks


I first started trading 6 years ago when I took a college class on personal finance. The class had a stock market trading game to help everyone learn how to invest. This truly sparked my interest in trading with real money and really learning more about the stock market.

I began with paper trading and slowly worked my way into trading in the OTC market. I had a friend who also become a mentor to me with trading. He taught me the basics of trading and showed me techniques that he has used over the years to become a successful trader in the OTC markets.

As I gained confidence with trading, I began moving into trading big board stocks and most recently I have taking to shorting. I found myself wanting to help others learn and become successful as well. I decided to become a mentor and I currently have a mentorship each morning for an hour where I help my students find good trades for the day as well as recap the prior trading day. I also have YouTube channel where I create stock related content, such as how to trade basics and specific stock related videos.


My YouTube channel is Own The Chaos and has videos all things stock related. I am also the co-founder and CEO of, a social platform for traders to interact as well as perform technical analysis. We have a Facebook group for members to chat throughout the day and post about their successes and tips for trading!

The ultimate goal of WeTradeHQ is to provide a place for all traders to interact and learn from each other while also providing our members with the tools needed to become a successful trader. I want to continue to teach people how to trade and hopefully help people achieve financial freedom.


Our business is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as WeTradeHQ. There is also a private Facebook group for WeTradeHQ that you can ask to join where our members are active throughout the trading day.

We post helpful tips, successes of our members, and helpful information for trading each day.

Our members enjoy posting questions and helping each other as well in our Facebook group. My personal brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube is Own The Chaos.


The registration deadline is April 14

The registration deadline is April 14

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