Jayanth Ukwaththa

General information:

I was born in Sri Lanka and I live in Canada

Speak English and Sinhalese

How I Trade

I trade US Stocks and invest in Crypto

I’m a scalper and a day trader in stocks and HODLER with Diamond Hands in Crypto

I prefer mid and high caps for trading

Gap and go, trend trading, and break-outs are my favorite strategies.

About me*

I am also the founder of Trader’s Life and our vision is to educate and empower the traders and investors within the community.

I started trading six years ago and finding high-probability setups, strategizing, planning and successfully executing the trades are our main focus. I have been successfully teaching, trading and investing in the US Stocks and Crypto Markets for years.

About Brand

Trader’s Life started small and grew up fast, now helping thousands of traders around the world. Our objective is to help traders stay afloat first rather than trying to make quick money. Surviving in this highly competitive game is more important than trying to play home runs.

Trading success is hard to come by and it takes a long time to achieve the mastery. We learnt it the hard way and our objective is to help traders protect their capital and cut down their learning curve using our experience and expertise.


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The registration deadline is April 14

The registration deadline is April 14

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