John London

General information:

My home is Houston, Texas.

I speak English. My brand is Beginner Trading.

How I Trade

I trade both small and large-cap.

My trading style focuses on scalping short-term momentum, both long and short. 

My main strategies focus on VWAP sentiment changes, red to green/green to red reversals, trend continuations, plus more. 

About me*

I started trading after watching “The Big Short" movie in 2016. At first, as is almost always true – I lost lots of money. I eventually developed my own style and system and have now turned to be a profitable, consistent trader. Still, I don’t claim to be an expert, don’t charge a penny for my content, and created the channel Beginner Trading as a free resource and community for traders. My strategies involve scalping and VWAP trend trading and they work very well with my own style and personality.


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The registration deadline is April 14

The registration deadline is April 14

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