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We give the most FIRE Call Outs and most accurate Price Targets that you will find on Discord, and we are here all day Analyzing the play as it happens in our “Live Trading Sessions"!!!! Here at “Team LANBO MONEY" we are a family, “The LAM FAM"!!!! We find the stocks that run up hard and fast, every day of the trading week!! The “LAM FAM" is locking in serious GAINS !!! We are here to inform, inspire and ultimately help you grow your account as fast as possible!!! You will find “The LAM FAM" in the " #main-trading-floor" during trading hours locking in those gains during market hours and in the" #the-garage " at any other time of day or night, where you are free to talk about anything on your mind. We are currently working on our own original informational content for our “#informational" section as well. Remember Team, “Hard Work Betrays Nobody". Come and lock in some of these Monster Gains with us!!!
We also offer LIVE TRADING SESSIONS every week day during market hours where we analyze each play step by step!!! WHAT WE DO BEST HERE AT TEAM “LANBO MONEY":


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The registration deadline is April 14

The registration deadline is April 14

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