Richard Holmgren and Gustav Löfbom

General information:

We are two stock traders from Sweden that speak both Swedish and English

Our trading style is to use outbreaks, momentum when we daytrade. We combine this with the use of Elliot waves, formations, and indicators.

When we don’t daytrade, we usually swing trade a lot on stocks, crypto, and commodities.

Scalping in low timeframes with high leverage on forex, stocks, and indices.

About me*

We trade all markets from Nordic to American.

Richard has been trading for 8 years and Gustav for 4 years

We use discord live and write good entry points that emphasize how we think in a trade, use proper risk and reward ratios and come up with technical ideas for entries and exits.

*About me section is based on the mentor’s own claims and not verified by WSDT

The registration deadline is April 14

The registration deadline is April 14

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