General information:

Born in Hong Kong, Lives in Canada

Speaks English and Cantonese

How I Trade

I day trade momentum on mid to large cap stocks in the NYSE with catalysts.

My entries are aggressive providing the highest risk to reward ratio.

I excel in analyzing market psychology through price action, volume, and reading the tape on a stock in play on the day. Identifying key support and resistance zones, riding the first and second waves of major stock moves.  Most of my edge comes from the first hour to hour and a half of the trading day.

About me*

I started learning on how to trade in June of 2016 and opened my very first trading account. I find my self learning from multiple online stock mentors over the years trying to find my niche, blowing up multiple accounts on the way.  Though painful, each blow up was a fantastic lesson to be learned.

I truly believe that there is opportunity daily in the stock market for EVERYONE who is willing to show up and learn. 

Up unto now, I have been mentoring newer and beginning traders who contacts me in private in small group sessions, or one on one sessions.  I was a mentor in a couple of discord trading communities in the past as well.  I have a Youtube channel Johnny Matrix where I post my watchlists, trading recaps, and lessons that I have learned. 

About Brand

My Brand is Black Sheep Society (BSS)

BSS’ motto is that anyone who is willing and ready should have an opportunity. My focus is to help them avoid the same mistakes that I made as a newer trader, essentially shortening their learning curve so that they can become self-sufficient in the shortest amount of time possible. Develop a solid trading foundation early in their potential career.


*About me section is based on the mentor’s own claims and not verified by WSDT

The registration deadline is April 14

The registration deadline is April 14

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